Hi!  Welcome to TIIU.  Here's my story....and I'm sticking with it ;-)

When I decided to create TIIU, I wanted to offer unique stylish women's clothing at accessible prices.  

Growing up, I always had a passion for fashion, beauty, interior design and the entertainment industry.  I loved everything in the arts!   My real love for fashion started when I got my first barbies.  I was obsessed with dressing them up. I wanted to be Barbie! 

My first job was at Nordstrom at the age of 15. I absolutely loved it.  I got to dress up everyday and the best part....I had a Nordstrom discount.  LOL.   I continued to work there for many years gaining lots of experience as a stock person, cashier and sales associate.  I was able to share my passion of fashion by helping women find clothes or outfits that made them feel confident and beautiful.

I also had the opportunity to work with my mother for several years.  She was a district manager for a direct sales clothing company called Doncaster.  I learned so much from her.  She grew her district over many years and had over 50 consultants working for her at one point.  She hired me as the district sample sales manager and I was responsible for managing the trunk clothes that went from consultant to consultant throughout the season.   Twice a year, I conducted a huge sale to the public to help liquidate all the samples.  

Years later, I went back to retail, but this time into the cosmetic department.  Eventually, I became a counter manager and makeup artist for Prescriptives Cosmetics.  Some of the best times of my life was helping women feel empowered by custom blending their personalized foundation and powders and showing them how to apply makeup and enhance their natural beauty.

After leaving the world of retail, I became an outside sales representative for numerous professional skincare companies for over 5 years.  This amazing experience helped me grow as a person through more knowledge of sales, products and ingredients and gaining trust with customers by sharing all this valuable information with them.  It was an empowering industry and loved every minute of it.  

About 6 years ago, I started an online store on eBay called Country Roads Boutique.  I started by selling my own pre-loved clothing and things I would find in resale shops.  Today, I also sell a lot of my friend's clothing on consignment. 

I have also had the honor to be Costume Designer on two feature films and worked in the costume department on two Hallmark films.

As you can see, my career path has been inspired by art and the things I love, but I also enjoy inspiring women to feel confident, strong & beYOUtiful.  I believe, that behind every woman is a challenging, but magical story.  So through TIIU, I desire to help promote dynamic women and share their struggles and success in their careers, businesses and personal lives.   I want to empower women!

At TIIU, I want to create a community for women to feel safe where they can inspire and encourage one another.  There should be no competition between one another.  We are one, we are all the same, but different. 

Oh and the story behind the name...growing up with such an unusual Estonian name, Tiiu, it has pretty much defined who I am.  Different and unusual.  

Hope you enjoy our community of empowering women at TIIU.  

Dare to be YOU!  Rock it!



(pronounced "tee-YOU")