Today, we live in a world of social media.  To me, this is a wonderful way to stay current in these fast changing times and is also a fantastic way to connect with life long friends and make new friends through business networking and marketing.

I remember several years ago while drinking coffee on a beautiful morning I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, something caught my attention, it was a gorgeous artisan leather necklace, I paused to admire it more closely, then commented on how beautiful it was.  I remember it being turquoise, had a country vibe and was very unique.  Several days later, I received a message from a very sweet woman telling me that she really appreciated my comment on her handmade necklace and she wanted to send me a gift of homemade goodies to try for myself.  When the box arrived, I was an instant believer in reLoved Leather and my new found friend, Kenneathia Hagen.  

Kenneathia is not only a gorgeous women inside and out, but her multi-faceted talents are endless:  graphic designer, photographer and jewelry designer to name a few.  She's also an all American country girl down to the core.  Perhaps this is another reason why we bonded so well.  I was raised in the country and showed rabbits in 4-H and had chickens, ducks, geese, dogs and cats.  As deep rooted country girls with unusual names and our mutual passion for fashion and beauty, we connected even more.  

My fiancé', William Shockley, and I were in post production on a feature film and getting geared up for the world premiere of YOU'RE GONNA MISS ME in Tucson, AZ starring John Schneider, Leo Howard, and Kix Brooks.  William and I promoted Kenneathia and her unique designs to Allison Schult, who was organizing the premiere and our publicist.  They were excited for Kenneathia and her friend, Michelle, to put together VIP swag bags for our cast and crew. They went above and beyond and made handmade cuffs, t-shirts and goody bags.  We were so grateful for their contribution in helping to make our premiere a huge success.

Thanks to social media, I met a beYOUtiful soul sister, Kenneathia Hagen.  I'm so grateful for her friendship. (

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